Some Pet Friendly Destinations Around the World

It’s the holiday season, so you’re probably looking for a new place to travel with the whole family. But while you have already packed your things and are thinking about these wonderful cocktails inviting you to the resort, who will look after your pet?

Shelters can be a good solution if you don’t trust your friends, family members or neighbors to come several times a day to feed your pet, change its litter, give it water and spend time with it.If you don’t like leaving your fluffy baby at home with someone else, the logical solution may be to take him on vacation with you.And sinces of other families like you do this every year, you just have to find the perfect destination. Also don’t forget your pet’s travel kit with a bottle of water for the guinea pig, toys and a baby carrier or cage.

Here is a list of the most hospitable countries and places in the world for you and your pet.


Switzerland is probably the country with the strictest animal laws in the world. It is forbidden to sell or buy animals in pet stores here, puppies must stay with their mother for at least 56 days after birth, and social species such as yaks, birds and Fish must always have an assistant.There are also many hotels and boarding houses throughout the country where pets are allowed, which means that this is an ideal place for all members of your family.

Switzerland is also an active place throughout the year, where you can do various activities depending on the season. Of course, winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are very popular in the country, and in summer you can go hiking, visit or relax near some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

Hong Kong

If you’ve always wanted to get to know Asian culture and customs, you can enjoy Hong Kong with your pet. The country is also known for its strict animal laws, which means it is a safe place to travel for you and your pet.As you can guess, there are various hotels that offer special pet care services, while others invite you to bring your pets to the place.Pet cafes are also very popular, so feel free to take your cat or dog to some of them and help them make new friends.


Australians have also relaxed their policies regarding dog labeling on public transport, parks, beaches, restaurants and hotels. However, you should consult with the local authorities before thinking about taking a pet into the country with you, as there are strict rules.

You will be surprised to find that there are no animals in Australia that do not already live on the mainland, such as foxes, squirrels, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, dingoes, monkeys and ferrets. The reason for these strict rules is that there are no natural predators for these animals in Australia, which means they can easily increase their population and become potential parasites.


Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world, visited by 18 to 23 people annually. And although most of them come for the romantic Eiffel Tower, stunning castles, delicious cuisine and drinks, some choose this place because pets are allowed here.France has one of the most relaxed policies regarding dogs, but other pets are also welcome. Almost every hotel and castle accepts your four-legged friend for free or for a small fee, while many restaurants make sure that your dog enjoys dinner as much as you do.You shouldn’t be surprised if the puppy is sitting at the table and enjoying the mature conversations of his companions.


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