Learn Something New While Explore These Tampa Museums

Tampa, Florida is a vibrant modern city with a vibrant art, food and joyfull scene. Tampa is also home to many interesting museums that offer visitors an insight into the history of the Tampa Bay area. There are museums with educational programs for children and others with beautiful exhibitions. Here are four museums to visit to learn something new while exploring the Tampa area.

Historic Center of Tampa Bay

Tampa has a rich history of pirates, privateers and treasure hunters. While visiting the historical center of Tampa Bay, be sure to visit the popular Treasure Seekers exhibition. Discover the history of the conquistadors, pirates and shipwrecks of Florida.Discover the history of the conquistadors who explored the coast of Florida in search of gold and other valuables. Discover the fascinating story of the pirates who ply the waters of Tampa Bay. Explore a screen that shows hundreds of shipwrecks that form a water area off the coasts of Florida and Tampa. As you explore the three floors of the museum, you can learn more about Florida’s rich maritime history.

Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art is dedicated to the conservation and exhibition of important works of art from antiquity to the present day and the present. The purpose of the museum is to inform the public about these beautiful works and art collections. The collection includes exquisite statuettes, vases and bronze sculptures from antiquity, originating in Ancient Greece and Rome. In addition, you will find exhibitions with collections of contemporary artists.

Glazer Children’s Museum

If you are traveling with children on a visit to Tampa, take them to the fun and interactive Glazer Children’s Museum. You can show your skills at the Artsmart fair or learn how to become an architect or designer, at the Design + Build Yellow House fair, wherever you need renovation. You will be able to find out what it is like to be a heat-insulator or an engineer and how to play African drums. Your children will have fun exploring the world around them.

Henry B. Plant Museum

Located in the beautiful Victorian railroad complex that was once the Tampa Bay Hotel, the Henry B. Plant Museum show matters the luxurious lifestyle of Florida’s Golden Age. The design of the museum resembles a Moorish castle with spiral towers and interesting domed peaks.If you want to immerse yourself in the life of a wealthy turn-of-the-century tourist in Tampa, the Henry B. Plant Museum is perfect. Book a guided tour by a teacher to discover what the museum has to offer. If you prefer, take part in an autonomous 45-minute audio tour that will take you to the different rooms of the museum.

Visiting the many museums in Tampa is an informative and inspiring experience. If you choose to stay a few days to explore other museums, you know that there are many good accommodation options nearby. Relax at your hotel after learning something new during the day and refresh yourself before another day in the museums of Tampa.

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