Guide on Choosing Your San Diego Neighborhood

If you decide to move the base to San Diego, there is a good choice of areas to live in. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere, and also differs in the cost of transportation and location.

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Del Mar: Popular for its two most famous events – the Del Mar Race and the San Diego County Fair, the area is home to opulence homes, a variety of events and activities, and stunning beaches. This is a great tourist attraction with many upscale resorts and hotels, not to mention the many famous faces that pop up from time to time. Whether you’re spending the weekend at some of the best beaches or shopping for the best produce and seafood at the Saturday farmers market, this area is full of attractive attractions.

La Jolla: If you are looking for glitz and glamour in a seaside town, then La Jolla is for you. This is a lively area of the city with lots of young students, great shops and trendy restaurants. In addition to the beautiful beaches, there are many opulence condos of premium class. If you have a limited budget, this is a great place to enjoy the best qualities of high life.

Pacific Beach: With a strong surfing atmosphere in the area combined with great nightlife, Pacific Beach is a magnet for the youngest. With excellent restaurants by the sea and lots of water activities, this is a great place to live.

Little Italy: Ideal for families who love city life, there are plenty of family activities to do here. The famous waterfront park is where most families spend their holidays, with lots of playgrounds, dog parks and fountains, making it ideal for a family holiday. Other attractions include upscale shops, a farmers supermarket and great pubs that turn the community into a vibrant place.

El Cerrito: Another of the rapidly developing areas of the city, El Cerrito, is a place where you will find historical sites, with good transport links and close to highways. Several excellent restaurants, including bistros, add to the charm of this place.

Downtown: As expected, the busiest area of the city is the downtown area with lots of joyfull and restaurants. Houses are also more expensive in the area, as the Gaslamp area is known for its trendy Piano bars, eateries and stylish nightclubs.

North Park: drink lovers will love staying in this area, as it is an urban drink center with many fantastic restaurants where you can taste the taste buds.

South Park: The residents of South Park, popular for their farm-to-table restaurants, shops and urban atmosphere, form a close-knit community.

East Village: In the East Village, one of the closest areas of the city, there are many new and opulence apartments. The San Diego Padres (MLB) and PETCO Park are very popular with the sports public. There are also many establishments, lively bars and art galleries.

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