Car Trip to Australia Spots Along the Great Ocean Road

The trip on the Great Ocean Road can last from one day to several weeks, depending on the number of stops and the distance chosen. The fastest and most acceptable option is an Express tour that includes a three-day trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. However, the best solution would be to rent a car in Australia to those under 21 and plan a vacation to your liking. This way you will be able to explore all the attractions at your own pace and comfortably enjoy the beauties of Great Ocean Road. Whichever mode of transport you choose, you should definitely make the following 7 stops along the way…


The most popular tourist route comes from Melbourne. Hop on a comfortable bus or start the engine of a rental car and go on an adventure. If you leave the city, you will never miss the West Gate Bridge.The great concrete structure has a length of about 2.6 kilometers and a height of 58 meters. The bridge is divided into four lanes – it is included in the list of the longest structures on the entire Australian continent. Thanks to its wide viewing angle, it is a beautiful observation deck: it offers a magnificent view of Westgate Park and the Yarra River.

Memorial arch

The construction of the great Ocean road began in 1864, but the implementation of such an idea had to be postponed due to the unstable political situation in the world. Work began only in 1919, after the return of soldiers from the fronts of the initial World War.About three thousand people worked six days a week for a meager salary that barely covered the cost of food. However, the former serviceman had the right goal – to create a superior highway in memory of the expired comrades. The initial site was created in March 1932. In November 1932, the large building was finally completed.Immediately after commissioning, three monuments were installed on the street, one of which is preserved to this day. A wooden memorial arch and a bronze monument with workers busy building mark the entrance to Great Ocean Road.


A hundred kilometers from Melbourne is the most popular surfing beach. It bears the name of a family of pilgrims who settled there in 1840. Part of the territory is separated from the conservation area and listed on the Victorian heritage register.Every year, Bells Beach hosts the largest Surf Festival. The Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival organizes sports competitions and musical action. Be sure to take a ride on the waves, even if you have never been on the set-you will be power with a whole sea of positive emotions.


Cape Patton is located near the Apollo Bay-it is a large observation deck surrounded by a dense tropical forest. During the development of Australia, many ships were built in the region, which is not surprising given the speed of the wind and the strength of the waves.Today, Cape Patton is a popular attraction. Steep green rocks turn into turquoise water, while the ocean breaks into smooth gray stones, foaming like sparkling drink. Travelers should definitely stay there and take a few photos to remember this awesome beauty for life.

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